We are the Brazilian´s leader on production and research regarding the native tree known as Jabuticabeira (Mirciaria Cauliflora) or Brazilian “Grape Tree”.

Our nursery is licensed by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply ( and ruled by Agronomic Engineers.

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Within Brazil, Jabuticabeira is highly demanded for landscape projects due its beauty and also, it is highly demanded by final consumers looking for a unique and delicious fruit.

There are several types of Jabuticabeiras (more than 35 cataloged, our company is currently working with 12), but, there are only two varieties widely cultivated and commercialized – Sabará and Híbrida.

Híbrida takes up to 4-5 years to become productive. It is a medium size tree, and can reach around 2,5 meters high.

Sabará takes up to 13-15 years to become a very productive tree. It is a big size tree and can reach up to 8 meters high along decades.

Jabuticabeiras can easily age 200 years.

In addition, Jabuticabeiras requires an average temperature of 25 Celsius degree during the year.

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Aline Cury

Commercial Manager